Turn On The Profits Switch With Mobile Marketing

October 27, 2010 in Affiliate Marketing, CPA Affiliate Marketing, CPC Advertising, List Building, Mobile Marketing by Jerry

If there was a way that you could literally turn on a “magic switch” and suddenly your website got flooded with ready to buy customers, would this cause a problem for you?

Turn On The Mobile Traffic Switch

I don’t think it would… on the other hand, I think this “magic switch” might be the solution that a lot of online entrepreneurs are looking for. Let’s get real for just a second… with no Traffic it’s impossible to make money online and no matter what you strategy of making money online is (List Building, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, etc) with no traffic, there is no way on earth you will make money online. Period!

We have heard or we have been taught about ways of generating traffic such as Article Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Cost Per View, Free Press Releases, Tweeting, Facebooking J, etc, etc, etc. However, when you come to think about it, all of these traffic generating strategies can take up way too much time and  to certain extent, the results could be unpredictable and can take up a long hours to put into place.

Now, what if there was a way that you could set up a campaign in less than 5 minutes and you could have the potential of driving 5,000 laser targeted buyers to your website, affiliate offer, squeeze page, CPA offer, etc, in matter of a couple of hours by only spending a measly $50.00, Would this jumpstart your online business or what? I think it would.

The Magic Traffic Switch it’s called mobile marketing. Mobile Marketing is such an easy and inexpensive way of driving traffic to your site and the best part of it is that 99% of online entrepreneurs don’t even have a clue about what’s the best way to utilize this kind of traffic.

Advertising in Mobile Advertising Platforms could be one of the most inexpensive ways of driving laser targeted traffic to your site nowadays. Since mobile marketing is kind of a new thing, not a lot of people have learned how to properly use mobile traffic and that’s why there is not a lot of competition.

Ok, now let’s talk about the cost of advertising in Mobile phones. If I told you that you could pay as low as $0.01 cent, or $0.03 cents, or $0.05 cents per click on the high end would you believe me? And, this cost goes across in pretty much any niche:  Make Money Online, Weight Loss,  Golf, Mesothelioma (asbestos exposure lung cancer), etc., etc., etc.

Look at the cost of advertising these niches in Google Adwords:

Google Adwords High Cost

Can you believe that it costs $98.15 cents per click to advertise in Google for the keyword “Mesothelioma”. Is that crazy or what? For the keyword Make money online, you would pay $2.88 every time someone would click on your Google Adwords ad.

If you could have 287 more potential buyers by paying the same cost of $2.88 in the same niche of “Making Money Online” would you say you could have a better chance of making money?

Of course you do!

Now, let’s look at the cost per click of getting 4,317 visitors in a couple of hours with mobile traffic with a cost of $43.17 spent in advertising in the niche of “Making Money Online”

Mobile Marketing Stats

Wow!!! That’s only $0.01 cent per click!!!

Is that amazing or what?

With this kind of traffic and at this low cost, you would definitely be shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t learn how to properly use Mobile Marketing!

I’m not claiming to be an expert in the Mobile Marketing field…. I’m barely getting my feet wet with this new traffic generating strategy but I know someone who has already cracked on how to make a killing with mobile marketing. His name is Adam Horwitz, the creator of the Mobile Monopoly system.

I think the Mobile Monopoly system is great…. Here is where I kind of got the basics of Mobile Marketing and I highly recommend it.

To learn more about mobile marketing and to check the Mobile Monopoly system, click on this link:

Mobile Monopoly

You will be glad you did.  :)

Auto Blog Samurai Bonus

September 20, 2010 in Affiliate Marketing, Auto Blogging by Jerry

Auto Blog Samurai is the latest auto blog software creation tool created by internet marketing authority Paul Ponna.  This new software helps you create cash pulling blogs that will put from $1.00 to $100.00 per day on your pocket on auto pilot.

Auto Blog Samurai can create a brand new word press blog in 23 different languages with a couple of clicks of a mouse allowing you to monetize the same niche in various parts of the world.  Another cool feature about this new system is that you don’t have to worry about creating new content.  The software will pull content from reputable websites in the internet, Auto Blog Samurai will then make the content unique and will automatically post it into your new blog hands off.

Also, besides creating and posting unique content to your blog, Auto Blog Samurai will continue creating and posting fresh new content to your blog automatically. Content is king, and without new fresh content your blog would be doom to start losing ranking in the search engines and as a result, loose traffic and money.

To get additional information about Auto Blog Samurai, visit their website by Clicking Here!

And, to check our Auto Blog Samurai Bonus worth $1,491 Click Here Now!

Where did Google’s Wonderwheel go?

September 10, 2010 in Search Engine Optimization by Jerry

Yesterday I was trying to find some relevant keywords (LSI Keywords) to support the main keyword for one of my new sites so that I could rank high in the search engines only to discover that I was no longer able to see Google’s Wonderwheel.

Google’s Wonderwheel is an excellent tool because through Google’s Wonderwheel , Google is telling you which keywords are relevant to your main keyword so instead of spamming your main keyword and suffering ranking penalties by repeating your main keyword too many times, you do the smart thing and stuff  your content with related searches given you by Google’s Wonderwheel instead.

So, how can you find Google’s Wonderwheel?

In an attempt to save time when you do a search in Google, it has just been introduced a new search enhancement named “Google Instant.”  Google instant allows Google’s users to see the most relevant search results as the user types in the search term. This will allow the users to see the most relevant search results even if they have not finish typing the search term. This is a pretty cool new feature introduced by Google but for some reason if you have “Google Instant” on, you will not be able to see the “Google’s Wonderwheel” link when you click on the “More  Search tools” link at the left column of  Google’s result page.

How to turn Google’s Wondewheel back on

If you want to be able to see Google’s Wonderwheel, you will have to disable Google’s new feature “Google Instant.” To do this, click on “Search Settings” link located at the top right hand corner of Google’s homepage:

Google's Search Settings

Then, disable “Google Instant” by checking the radio button that says “Do not use Google Instant”

Disable Google Instant

Finally, Click on the “Save Preferences” button and you should be ready to go.

To check if Google’s Wonderwheel is enabled already, do another search in Google and press enter.

Go head and click on the “More Search Tools” link located in the left column of Google’s organic results.

You should be able to see “Wonder Wheel” link.

Enabling Google's WonderWheels

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